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Our mission is to preserve and continue the artistry and craftsmanship of heritage watercraft for the general benefit of the community.

Boats4Folks Program

Our long-running Boats4Folks project pairs our organization with Probation Officers to provide boatbuilding programs for young people in the court system. 

The program takes place over one weekend  – on Saturday morning four youth show up at our shop with their probation officer, work with our volunteers through the weekend and by Sunday afternoon they are out on the water rowing a boat that they made themselves!

Over this short period they will hopefully gain some STEM knowledge and some tool skills but the main goal is to help in breaking a cycle of failure – they show up believing their task to be impossible but by the end they have undeniably made something that works!

The boats are then raffled off over the year at events and the proceeds go back into buying materials for the next builds, completing a small but self-sufficient cycle.

Build a Boat


We are a 100% volunteer organization and we are always looking for more of us. No specific experience is necessary but all prior experience is valuable – in fact, being an all volunteer group, if you have a skill or interest, we probably need it! If not don’t sweat it – a lot of us were drawn here through existing interests and ended up learning something completely different

Drop us a line or better yet, drop by the shop and find out what we’re all about and how you can get sucked in too!

             Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Get your highschool community service hours
  • Working with boats, kids and youth
  • Improving mechanical, woodworking and teaching skills 
  • Event Volunteers – if you can only make it to events that’s great! Many of us do this and it’s when we need numbers the most. Check our calendar for regular and annual events.

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you

Our Boatshop is located in the village of Glen Williams Ontario. We are at 586 Main St and share an entrance with Beaumont Mill Antiques and Collectables.
During covid-19 the Boatshop is closed to the public and volunteer hours are reduced.
However, we are still here, working on boats and planning for the future! Please send us a message or give us a call - we're a little more lonely than usual these days!

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