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Basic Sea Flea Boat Kit

1795.00 CAD

When you buy one of our boat kits your money helps maintain our fleet and run our programs and events.


Thank You!


Length Over All:   8′ 0″

Beam (width):     4″ 0″

Weight:                 83 lbs

Power:                   5 – 18 hp outboard (not included)                                     

What is a Sea Flea?

The Sea Flea is some of the most fun you can have on the water at any age. Find yourself drifting through a turn, inches from the surface and you’ll see what we mean. That proximity to the water is part of the magic: The thrill and feel of speed without the danger of going too fast!


Switching outboard motors allows you to match power to the size and skill of the driver which helps make it a safe, perfect first boat. The size and weight makes car top transport or pick-up beds an option for getting your Sea Flea around.


The original Sea Fleas became popular because anyone could build one for cheap, strap on the family fishing boat outboard and have a blast in their first boat!


.......and why?

Part of our mission is to promote learning new skills and get kid’s thumbs off they’re phones and get them out on the water. After we built -and ran- a few Sea Fleas we realized it would be a perfect boat to help us with that mission.


The same thing that first made them popular with kids decades ago still applies today: They’re easy to build and fun to drive!


Aimed at introducing kids to boats, boatbuilding and tool skills we geared this kit to be built by 1 adult and 1 child with little to no previous experience.


Step by step instructions will guide you through the building process and we are always here to help with questions and concerns.



Happy Building and Happy Boating!