WIN A SEA FLEA BOAT RAFFLE, Option 3: 10 tickets for $75




Our annual boat raffle is back!

Every year a boat built by youth at risk in our B4F program is raffled off at the boat show. The proceeds go back into our youth-at-risk boat building program and fund the next boat build by youth on probation. The experience brings them exposure to critical thinking, problem solving and the use of tools in a practical setting. When their boat floats it also brings them a win in their lives which, however small it might seem, help to break the cycle of failure they are often struggling with.

This year’s PRIZE is something special!

Like last year’s boat it is a custom painted Sea Flea race boat but unlike last year it comes with a 5hp Tohatsu propane outboard from the indoor lake Sea Flea races at the Toronto Boat Show!

Tickets are 1 for $10, 5 for $40, 10 for $75. This is Option 3: 10 tickets for $75 

The Annual draw is typically held and the end of the Boat Show but with the Covid season this raffle has just started and will be drawn live (hopefully!) at the end of the 2022 Toronto Boat Show.

These photos are of a Seaf Flea in action with the 5hp Tohatsu, of the actual prize boat (before your custom colours) and the youth program in action.





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